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Social & Political Work

1. Involved in the protest against Farmer's Burning Issues.

2. Involved in Rasta Roko to start Talegoan Water Supply Yojana.

3. Involved in the Rasta Roko for Saykhindi village students injustice.

4. Runs Blood Donation Camp.

5. Runs Various Rural Development Programs.

6. Initiated road Development in Kolhewadi (2003).

7. Amaran Uposhan for Sangamner Khurd Rayathwadi road Development.

8. Involved in the inspection of Sangamner Water Supply line repairing.

9. Established many Shivsena Branches throughout Sangamner.

10. Arrange many Disease Cure Camps at Sanjeevan Hospital.

Bhanudasji Dere and Gopinath Munde Bhanudasij Dere - Road Rally Bhanudasij Dere - Road Rally
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