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Dr. Bhanudas Genuji Dere (born 1956) a multi fetched personality needs no introduction. This effort is an attempt to contribute to a better and deeper understanding of his persona. The politician, the leader, the administrator, the father, the brother, the husband, the friend, the guide, the godfather, and the most a Doctor, and more – the balanced blend of all the roles played to perfection gives an insight into his towering personality.

Dr. Bhanudas Dere, a gentleman in the world of medicine and politics has reached a number of milestones in his long and illustrious career. His fanatical dedication to his principles which he got from his mother is the cornerstones by which he is achieving his objectives. His strength of character is his ability to measure the pulse of the people and guide them to their aspirations, coupled with his oratorical powers would make him an exceptional statesman. His long term foresight, beliefs and deeds have been aimed at the good and well being of the common man.

Dr. Bhanudas Dere the visionary, is 20th century Indian, upholding the best of Indian social values, at the same time, absorbing the best of the Ayurved world can offer in terms of Health.

Latest News

Date 17/03/2008.

Dr. Bhanudas Dere is elected as Leader of Shivsena for Sangamner Taluka. He says it is the true price of his work he take for the people. He also says that “This will encourage me for my future work. And I promise to all that I will always ready to fight against injustice”.
Bhanudasji Dere and Gopinath Munde Bhanudasij Dere - Road Rally
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